Our Story

Our Story

You Can Bake a Difference…

Wooden Spoon® Cookie Dough is made by the same manufacturers of the famous Butter Braid® Pastry. Years ago, our love for baking and family grew into the Wooden Spoon brand. This brand encompasses family, tradition, and kindness by staying true to our fundraising roots and giving back to communities.

Each recipe was developed by using premium ingredients from our own kitchens and is always mixed with a little sprinkle of love. Wooden Spoon® Cookie Dough is only available through fundraisers and continues to inspire and empower with every bite.

One Cookie at a Time!

Our cookies are convenient desserts that double as a way for groups to achieve their dreams and empowers supporters to give back to their community in a meaningful way.

Mother and daughter looking at each other while eating cookies

We are devoted to carrying on traditions while cultivating kindness and making dreams a reality.