Basket of Wooden Spoon Cookies

Make meeting your goals even sweeter with a Wooden Spoon® Cookie Dough Fundraiser

When you partner with us, you get more than just a convenient dessert. Our products help groups achieve their dreams and empowers people to give back to their community. Available only through fundraisers, each package of frozen cookie dough helps organizations reach their goals.

Illustration of a family: mom, son, daughter, and dad. They are handing off cookies to one another as they go down the line. Each one represents a step in the Wooden Spoon fundraising process: set up, kick off, promote & sell, pick up & deliver. The title of the image is "4 Steps for a Simple Fundraiser".

Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough fundraisers were created with you in mind and designed to make sure you have everything you need to achieve fundraising success.

That’s why our program offers a high per-item profit, short turnaround times, and our easy-to-use online store which allows supporters to order and pay online. Most importantly, local fundraising representatives are with you every step of the way. From start to finish, they are there to help make your fundraising dreams come true.

Find your local dealer today and see how easy running a Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough fundraiser can be.

Illustration of two teens, a boy and a girl. They're each holding a cookie dough package.