A Fundraiser That's Sweet As Spring


A Fundraiser That's Sweet As Spring

Looking for a Deliciously Simple Way to Raise Funds?

Contact one of our exclusive dealers to learn more about how Wooden Spoon® Cookie Dough can help you achieve your fundraising goals.

Illustration of two kids, a boy and a girl, with their dad at a stand selling Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough for a fundraiser. Another man is walking by the stand.

Favorite Flavors

Confetti cookie dough packaging


Macadamia Nut cookie dough packaging

Macadamia Nut

Peanut Butter cookies dough packaging

Peanut Butter

Wooden Spoon cookie dough and baked cookies

Break & Bake

Our frozen cookie dough comes in convenient, pre-portioned cubes that can go directly from the freezer to the oven, making it easy to bake up a treat that’s perfect for sharing.

Illustration of a woman walking while holding a bag with two cookie dough packages. She'd holding another Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough package in her hand.

Kindness Comes in Many Flavors

Wooden Spoon® Cookie Dough is a premium, frozen cookie dough that is exclusive to the fundraising market. Convenient and easy to share, our cookie dough is a treat the whole family can enjoy.

Illustration of two kids, a b oy and a girl. Each one is holding a cookie and tapping it against the other's cookie.

Happy Customers

I recently ordered Wooden Spoon® Cookie Dough from a fundraiser, and I am in love! Better than any other cookie dough I have tried. 

• • • • •


What a wonderful experience! We’ve done cookie dough fundraisers with other companies before but never has it been such a great experience.

• • • • •


I tried these cookies for the first time and, bar none, the best I’ve ever had. 

• • • • •


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